Ninja Run

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  • Ninja Run

    Participants will run through three separate obstacle courses, one for time, one for score, and one for balance and points. After all the participants have competed in each, the top 3 participants from each age group will receive an award. Ribbons will also be given out to all participants with the corresponding times and scores they achieved at the competition.

  • Age Groups

    The Ninja Run is for ages 5-13. Divisions are co-ed.
    Ages groups will be determined after registration closes. Specific start times will be e-mailed out the week before the event.

  • Activities
    Practice runs through the courses
    Competitive runs through 3 courses
    Children will be given a group and time slot the week before the event
    Each group runs a practice run through each course
    Then they run their competitive race through the corresponding course
    Awards given out for top 3 on each course. All ninjas recieve participation awards.
Altius Ninja Run
  • Pricing

    $27 for Members, $24 for Non-Members

  • Schedule

    Age Group Schedule will be sent out after registration closes. Each child will have a designated start time based on their age.

  • Scoring

    Course 1- Each Ninja will run through the course for speed, trying to achieve the lowest possible time.

    • All obstacles will be attainable for each age group
    • 2 second time penalty every time the ground is touched
    • Each competitor gets two official runs through the course
    • Top 3 receive awards

    Course 2- Each Ninja will be working towards achieving points by completing obstacles that have Difficulty Levels 1 through 6. There are two attempts per obstacle that have Difficulty Level 1, 2, or 3 (except Warped Wall, which also gets two attempts). Level 4, 5, and 6 only recieve one attempt. After the second attempt the ninja moves on to the next obstacle no matter what.

    By completing the obstacle, the Ninja will accrue its Difficulty Level as points towards their total overall score. The highest point total wins. In event of a tie the competitors time will be deciding tie breaker.

    Course 3- NEW! Ninjas will play a retrieval game that emphasizes speed and balance. The Ninja who retrieves all the items the fastest wins.