• Ninja League

    Ninja League is a new competitive program open to children ages 6-14. Registration in a Ninja class is not required to join.

    Summer League has 4 competitions, all held on Thursday evenings. Events will begin around 5pm, with start times determined once we have a total number of students.

    Competitors will receive awards at each competition, and then overall awards will be given based on each student's best three performances.

  • Age Groups

    Ninja League is for ages 6-14. Divisions are co-ed.
    Ages groups will be determined after registration closes and will remain consistent throughout the competition season.

  • Activities
    Practice runs through the 2 courses
    Competitive runs through 2 courses at each competition event
    Courses change during each competition, and may consist of speed runs, obstacle completion courses, or point retrieval games.
  • Pricing & Registration

    Summer League - $100 for the full event. T-Shirts are an additional $14/$19 (with Name on Back).

Ninja League
  • Schedule

    Age Group Schedule will be sent out after registration closes. Each child will have a designated start time based on their age.

    Competitions are held on:

    Summer League - June 24th, July 8th, July 22nd, August 5th

    There are no events on the off nights.

  • Scoring and Awards

    All events are scored out of 100 points. Winners are awarded per age group and point total at each event.

    Overall season awards will be handed out at the final meet, taking each participant's best three showings over the course of the season.